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Family Fun

Traveling with your family? Our local experts will recommend the best itineraries based on the age and interests of your family members.

Family trips are special and unique. They create memories that over the years are still alive and often change the ways of seeing things as a family, even reinforcing values that only travel achieves, and nothing better than our children can live those experiences.

We do not focus on resorts-based, Kids-clubs type of holidays, instead, we creat inspiring itineraries that motivate family members of all ages to explore this amazing part of the world, combining a sense of adventure with a taste for the better things in life… perfect formula to collect enduring memories. We know that family trips sound very fun, but we also recognize that they demand extra care and attention in details to make it a dream trip.

At Balabam we not only organize trips tailored to each family according the age of its members, even we program activities, excursions and experiences carefully planned and selected by local experts in the area, who will ensure that the trip runs seamlessly and that any hiccups are smoothed out as quickly as possible. Our guides have been selected and trained to engage with your children and spark their interest, making each day of the trip adventure full of laughing and learning in beautiful surrounding, with delicious food and a confortable bed at night. Our mission is to ensure that your South America adventure became a life-changing and enriching experience for the whole family

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