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Hiking & Active

All our trips involve a quote of healthy activities, but we are always willing to increase the dose for those travelers who want to experience South America with more adrenaline and in a most extreme way.

The Andes mountain range is the theme park of South America, where there are volcanoes, glaciers and wonderful lakes hidden between mountains. Climbing the Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America, raft the immense rapids of the Futaleufú River in Chile, walking on glaciers, are part of our magical adventures.

Dive into the Amazon rainforest, sailing with traditional canoes, get lost in arrayanes forests, feel the firmament of stars from domes in Uyuni, or participate in a marathon in Patagonia

We specially take care of selecting the best adventures for our travelers, always attending to cause low impact on nature and encourage conscious travelers.

We have an incredible portfolio of unique activities, just send us a summary of what you have in mind or let us shake your imagination with adventures designed to inspire, challenge and revitalize.

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