Our Values


Tourism can have an important environmental impact and we care about it, we provide guides with useful information to reduce it as much as possible. Encouraging a responsible way of traveling by repecting the local culture and enviroment is part of our mission.


As locals we are commited to offer the best prices by developing enduring relations with carefuly selected local providers and avoid third party reselers. By booking trips with us, you will not only be saving time and money but also helping the local economy grow.


Providing immediate responses is essential for us. We consider techonology as a vital part of the trip planning process as well as for providing a responsive assistance when traveling. We are constantly researching new travel technologies to improve our service.


Connecting with travelers ideas and wishes is as important as their personal connection with nature and culture during the trip. Having a conversation over the phone or text to know our travelers better is for us the clue to create personal bounds and offer travelers their dream vacation.