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People & Culture

Each part of South America has a culture so ingrained and unique, that they seem to have come from different planets. As in all this vast territory, the Andes mountain range has not only formed the landscape, but also the culture.

From shamanic rites in Peru with its Inca culture, to the fires of Patagonian lands. Among these experiences, there are also the “Pampas Argentinas”, with the culture of the “Gaucho”; and its horses, which are mixed with beautiful “Estancias” with European architecture inherited from large immigration; or the colorful Bolivian processions where wind instruments can be heard from blocks away and, when they appear, a carousel of dancers with colorful dresses surround the viewer.

In Balabam we are proud of the cultural diversity of South America, so we invite you to don’t miss the opportunity to travel with us through the entity of each native people of this land. Contact one of our experts to live this adventure, like a real loca. We will make you feel a true bespoke experience.

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