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Argentina’s 5 Best Sustainable Hotels Surrounded by Nature

Sustainable travel gives the peace of mind to contribute to reduce the impact that we leave when we are traveling, and create an unforgettable personal experience that change how we see the nature sowing consciousness in our family, educating with a good example.

Nothing better than learning by the example, and there are incredible places in Argentina where nature reigns and where we have the possibility of being in that environment with a low impact.

Here are my recommendations:

1- Bahía Bustamante

It means being in pure and immersed nature. Perfect for a self-trip through the Patagonian steppe. The facilities are simple, but cozy and authentic. Penguins, sea lions, picnics and navigation in Peninsula Valdés.

2- Yacutinga Lodge, Iguazú

It is located deep in the Misionera jungle, which provides the feeling and  knowing to be immersed in nature. A lodge that blends in with nature with hundreds of butterflies and birds of all the colors. Especially for nature lovers, Yacutinga Lodge offers its own experiences such as walks in the jungle trails, yerba mate plantations, eco-tours through the waters, yoga in nature, etc.

3- Rincón del Socorro, Wetlands

Nature and calm with the stamp of Douglas Tompkins. Being part of a conservation project that began many years ago to bring back the magnificent native animals of the area is an experience in itself. A place that inspires and creates awareness about the environment accompanied by a historic architecture of rooms and delicious meals.

4- Estancia Peuma Hue, Lakes Region

Near Bariloche, a spectacular Estancia where well-being, rest, adventure and organic food mix. It is one of those places where the body absorbs peace and nature. Animals around, kayaking, trekking and nature walks with expert guides … true experience tourism.

5- Estancia Los Huemules, Esquel

Domes with the stamp of not affecting the natural environment of the reserve, creating the sensation of living in nature. Everything is nature in Huemules… trekking, horseback riding, cook outdoor and an impressive landscape. For adventurers looking for comfort.

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