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Wild Life

Our local experts will recommend the most suitable itineraries depending on the time of the year to fully enjoy the best wild life watching experiences during your trip to South America.

South America and its diversity make it a magnificent place to explore wildlife. Can you imagine a trip watching animals of tropical climate, and then descend to the south to see huge beasts in the withe Antarctica? It seems impossible but the magic of South America makes it real.

The wildlife is incalculable. Only the Amazon contains 10 percent of the world’s known species, and a third of the known animals live in their jungle. If we go down to Patagonia, we find from the largest mammals on the planet like the Southern Right Whale, to the largest penguin reserve in the world with thousands and thousands of specimens.

In Balabam we organize the best expeditions with small numbers of people to cause the least possible impact, creating awareness in our passengers to preserve the wildlife that surrounds us, reducing that impact through our carbon footprint reduction program. We have the best options of Amazonian safaris, whale watching, walking sightseeing penguins, sea elephants, etc. in Patagonia; even magnificent days in the huge “Pampas” and their wild animals and birds. Just contact one of our experts to organize a dream trip, helping to create collective awareness in you and your family and friends. Our trips and experiences are unique.

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